1089 – Dionysiou (day 2 -9)

In my last blogs I discribed our fabulous hike through the Aeropotamos.IMG_3483 Apostoloi

After arriving at Dionysiou, we saw this small cell called Apostoloi, at the other side of the mountain, opposite the monastery (also shown in the panoramic picture in blog 1088). IMG_3480 Dionysiou entrance The heavy doors guard the entrance to monastery, with a fresco of Archangels, The Holy Virgin, Jezus and St. John above.

Dionysiou plattegrond
plan of DionysiouIMG_3478 Dionysiou tower and trapeza Just after entering the monastery, I shot this picture after turning to the right: the courtyard with tower (D) and the building above the entrance – cells of monks (?)IMG_3525 Dionysiou guesthouse hall Dionysiou – hallway in the guesthouse IMG_3485 Dionysiou balcony and cellphones After a warm welcome we could relax: we left our heavy mountain shoes in our fine room and we enjoyed a cup of coffee and the magnificant view from the balcony (and……, modern pilgrims have to check their cell-phones first!).IMG_3484 recently renovated harbor of Dionysiou The newly renovated harbor area of DionysiouIMG_3490 Dionysiou sunset Dionysiou – sunset from the balcony, with a pigeon in the air.IMG_3495 Dionysiou sunset Sunset – NW direction IMG_3494 detail sunset Sunset over Sitonia

Wim, 20/7 (next time more about the Dionysiou graveyard)

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