1085 – Athos coasts: "the Desert"

Keliotes showed us some pictures of a Russian photo-album from 2009. Apparently some Russian pilgrims managed to embark on a small fishing boat, that sailed around “Cape” Athos in order to catch fish. The pictures are relatively rare, because no boats cross the cape on a regular basis.

First I will show the coast as seen on the Zwerger-map and show you the boat trip from Lavra to Kerasia/Kleftiko:

kaart Athos coast the desert
I start by showing you a picture of the boat on the 7th of may 2009 with the fishermen, near the coast of Lavra.

1Roman - fishermen 7 mei 2009

Fishing boat

2Roman - fishermen monks The two fishermen

3Roman - Arsanas Karakalou
Where the small boat started its journey is not known to me, but here they pass the Arsanas of Karakalou.

4Roman - Antithonas
The Athos peaks with Antithonas

5Roman - Lavra

The arsanas of Lavra with the monastery on the background

6Roman - near Lavra

Near Lavra (?)

7Roman - near Lavra2

Near Lavra 2

9Roman - skiti Prodromou and boat

Skiti Prodromou

8Roman - skiti Prodromou

Skiti Prodromou
10Roman - the mountain from the sea 3

A wider shot of the area, with Mt. Athos in the clouds

11Roman - the mountain from the sea 2

The coast towards Kavsokalivia

10aRoman - Karavostasi

The avalanche area Karavostasi, Megali Sara

12Roman - Kafsokalivia

Skiti Kavsokalivia

13Roman - near Kerasia

Just after passing Kavsokalivia

14Roman - Kleftiko

The small harbor named Kleftiko, with Karasia above it

15Roman - fish and monk

The catch of th day with a humble monk

16Roman - fish and monk 2

Another catch with a happy monk

17Roman - fish and monk 3

A third catch with a monk who lookes happy, but also a bit worried (I agree if you look at the sharp teeth of the fish)

Wim, 10/7

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