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Two news items from our Greek fellow blogger (the Keliotes-site):

First of all: Father Epifanios from Mylopotamos decided to translate his famous cookbook into English and Russian.

IMG_5047 Father Epifanios
Father Epifanios cooking

The English version will be published within a few days, the Russain will follow later on.

Cookbook Epifanios

Secondly: On thursday the 1st of July mr Joeri Louskof, the mayor of Moscow, and mr Mouratov, a member of the Russian gouvernment, decided in a meeting with an Athos delegation and the Patriarch of Moscow Cyril to renovate the Old Roussikon, the Palio Monastirion, that we visited last year (picture: see plan below the building on the right).

IMG_3180 Building F north

That is good news, because the buildings are in a deplorable state, although this church below is not in a bad condition(see plan below, the middle building).

 IMG_3174 church 1883 north facade with stairs

On the other hand the news of a coming renovation gives me mií feelings, because the old and deserted buildings on Athos also give a special sence of time and that all things are transient.

IMG_3196 Palio Monastiro cats
Two cats near the building with cells (on the left on the plan). 

Palio monastiro Plan of the three main buildings of Palio Monastirion

 Wim Voogd, 5/7

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