1075 – the hike between Filotheou and Dionysiou – part 2 (day 2 – 7)

This continues the blog of part 1 (see 1071).

Antithonas Dionysioukopie
After passing the peak of Antithonas I planned to follow the path on the left side of the ravine that is called Aeropotamos.

IMG_3447 crossing near Antithonas 
But at this point (see the red X on the map above) I made a crucial mistake: the road ahead continues to Ag. Pavlou, and, distracted by the sign leading to Dionysiou, I choose to follow the road that leads downwards, instead of chosing the other road at this crossing, that leads slightly upwards.

IMG_3448 Aeropotamus
The Aeropotamos, with on the left the road to Agiou Pavlou.

IMG_3450 Mt Athos and Antithonas W side
Looking back: Antithonas and Mt. Athos seen from the West.

IMG_3451 dead end road 
At this point the road turns 180 degrees. I tried in vain to look for a path leading down to the left side of the Aerotamos, leading towards the cell of Ag. Onoufrios. When I couldn't find any I rested my case and continued walking with my fellow pilgrims, following the new red signs leading towards Dionysiou.

IMG_3453 the left Ag Onoufrios
This is the descent I hoped to climb down, behind the rocks you can find the cell of Ag. Onoufrios.

IMG_3452 Aeropotamos with Dionysiou
Again the ravine that leads to Dionysiou.

IMG_3454 dead end road and sign
This is the dead end road that runs parallel to the road to Ag.Pavlou.

IMG_3455 old sign to Dionysiou 
We found an old sign lying on the ground, pointing to the path that leads through the Aeropotamos.

IMG_3456 new sign to Dionysiou
At this new sign, hidden in the bushes, starts a new path that leads to Dionysiou: after a couple of meters you catch up with the old path.


This short video shows you the breathtaking path that goes through the Aeropotamos. 

Wim, 15/6

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6 Responses to 1075 – the hike between Filotheou and Dionysiou – part 2 (day 2 – 7)

  1. Armando Santarelli says:

    Dear Herman and Wim, my name is Armando Santarelli, I am italian, and, like you, I love Agion Oros, where I have been 5 times. My pilgrimages in Athos have been crowned, in autumn 2009, with the publication of a book, “La montagna di Dio”, where I reflected my spiritual experiences. The main reason why I am writing to you is to give you my compliments for the interesting, extraordinary blog you have created. It’s absolutely the best about Mount Athos, you give the people an incredible supply of news. All those who love Mount Athos must thank you very much indeed. Please, I would like to exchange some ideas with you, and give you some information, please contact me.
    Greetings from Italy,
    Armando Santarelli.
    tel. 0774 798741 (home in Italy)

  2. Sotiris says:

    Maybe you were lucky that you took the wrong turn ! As I commended in a previous post we did in October both the Aeropotamos path on our way down and the Onoufrios path on our way up. The Onoufrios path is not signposted and the upper section is difficult to follow. I have a description of the route in Greek in my site http://vision.iti.gr/sotiris/routes/route.php?uid=9dcf0dbd but also a sketch in http://vision.iti.gr/sotiris/public/Aqwnas/M.Dionysioy-Antiaqwnas/Antiaqwnas.pdf

  3. Wim says:

    Sotiris, can I use your very fine PDF map in this blog ? (with a link to your site?)

  4. Sotiris says:

    No problem.

  5. michalis says:

    I have just seen it on youtube. Some guys reopened the footpath from Dionisiou monastery to the Agios Onoufrios cell

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