1074 – Edward Lear again

Lear Karyes
We showed this work of the artist Edward Lear earlier but its worth showing it again comparing it with the image I took in 2009 from a somewhat higher standpoint. This watercolour by Lear is made 12 September 1856: Karyes with the mountain in the background. If someone has a picture of the same spot where Lear sketched  and Cuville photographed I replace my picture.

IMG_6038 Karyes and mountain by hv

Afbeelding 3
This is by F. Cuville made in 1914-1918 early colour photographie.


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  1. Dimitris says:

    Just a small correction. I read in Yannis’s blog that there will be a solution within 2010. The trucks have been ordered and are expected within the year. However in my opinion this is not enough. Travelers need to be more environmentally conscious.. Sometimes I see garbage in remote footpaths (usually soft-drinks or food-wrappings) which were obviously thrown by otherwise “nature-loving” tourists. But the biggest culprits are the restoration-labourers which will throw almost anything by the roadsides.. Usually beer cans..

    Whenever I go to Athos and use a footpath, I always carry an empty bin-bag with me to collect any rubbish I come across that could be potentially a fire-hazard.

  2. Nicholas Evangelos Perry says:

    Congratulations on your Holy Mountain blog! It seems to be very thorough. Now you have a follower in Chile. Was especially interested in Constamonitou. It was snowbound and spartan when I stayed there in 1978 but very quiet. I hope the place continues to keep itself to itself, unlike the “big time boys” in houses like Vatopedi.

  3. herman voogd (hv) says:

    Nicholas from Chile, thanks. We were at Konstamonitou in 2009. I shall post the pictures soon.

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