1073 – Three Athos photographs from the Bain collection

Bain_220pxggbainGeorge Grantham Bain (1965  1944) started the first news photography service, called Bain News Service in 1898. His news photo service, included portraits and worldwide news events. Bain News Service accumulated photographs of worldwide coverage which were distributed to various newspapers. There are many interesting pictures of the first Word War but only three pictures can be found on Athos. The pictures of the newsagency can be found in the fantastic collection of the American Library of Congress.

The photos were taken between 1910 and 1915. Unfortunally I couldnot find any information about the photographer(s) and exactly when the pictures were taken. Who knows more?
Simonos Petras. This picture looks more like painting then a photo.

Skiti Profitou Eliou
Panteleimonos from the sea
Panteleimonos from a different perspective. Pilgrim Wim and two monks in sunny but windy weather shortly before disembarking at Panteleimonos in september 2009.

Bas Kamps

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