1072 – Athos-weblog in exhibit Thessaloniki

Today this exhibit opened in Thessaloniki: THE BLOGGERS’ MOUNT ATHOS: “23 photographers from 7 countries, visitors and pilgrims to Mount Athos capture the everyday life of the Monastic Community with their cameras and share their impressions on the (world wide) web”.


We, Bas, Herman and Wim are very honoured that 7 of our weblog pictures have been chosen for this exihibit. In three days the photo’s will be online at this site, but I will show you already a first impression.




Many Greek newspapers wrote articles
Wim, 7/6

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7 Responses to 1072 – Athos-weblog in exhibit Thessaloniki

  1. Wim says:

    Giannis, today I received your National Geographic book(s) and it is really fabulous!!! Thank you very much for this beautifull gift, I am much obliged !
    I will show the book to my brother Herman as soon as possible. Thanks again!

  2. Wim says:

    To all readers: I have a technical problem with sending e-mails, so I will react to mail of some our readers in this unconventional way.
    Rainer: thanks for your good wishes, a peacefull 2010 for you. The link to the Vatopedi film is already used in our post nr. 841. But thanks anyway and do keep us informed about Athos related information!
    Greetings, Wim

  3. Wim says:

    Fremaki: The maps you asked will be posted in due course. It might take some time, but I won’t forget you.

  4. George F Australia says:

    Hello Herman, Wim,

    Wishing you and your readers a safe and prosperous 2010.
    May you blog continue to flourish for as long as possible!

    From sunny Los Angeles,

    George F.

  5. Vasílis says:

    Congratulations! It seems to me that it is very special feeling when you know that your weblog is presented there. So you did a good job, I think.

  6. George F Australia says:

    Congratulations, Wim, Herman, and Bas.
    This is recognition of the fantastic work you have done by creating this blog. I am not alone in wishing you good health and inspiration in order for you to continue your efforts.
    Best wishes,

    George Frangos

  7. George says:

    Congratulations guys! You even made it in a Greek national newspaper as one of your photos and your blog’s address is fetured in an article about the exibition.


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