1069 – Art. Dmitri Anatolyevich Belyukin. A Russian painter on the Holy Mountain

Dmitri Belyukin is a Russian painter, born in 1962 (he was introduced with three paintings in post 520.) I will show some more works of this artist.

A view on Panteleimon

He paints skillfully in a historic, naturalistic tradition. He made several paintings about Athos during his three week stay in1996-1997.

In an interview he stated: Moreover, on the Holy Mountain, on Athos, I stayed for nearly three weeks, in the winter, when the unceasing prayer has a visible, so to speak, expression. Imagine sailing along the coast and over the monasteries a cold mist rises everywhere the brethren are before God, labouring, engaged in spiritual warfare. I embodied this in a series of works.

The Holy Monastery of Pantaleimon

On the question if art can bring viewers to spirituality, Dmitri answered:
“Of course! When I look at what is happening in Russia, it gives me nothing but pain and sorrow, it seems to me that we have not yet reached the bottom of our moral decline. What is of particular concern to me is the situation in our educational system. All too often, the press plays a completely subversive role, the ads on the telly sicken me, indeed, all the stuff broadcast over the tube depresses me. Now and then, I have thought that our degradation could possibly lead to a genuine public emergency I have no doubt that Orthodoxy remains the only enduring basis for a strong Russia, it is our backbone, it keeps us from disintegration, it is an eternal and indestructible reminder of the need to live according to the commandments. We can say that Art is a movement of spirituality towards salvation, it brings the beauty of Gods world to people, it shows us Mother Nature, it reveals the grandeur of history and culture, it comforts and uplifts

Daybreak at Saint Anne (skiti Anna).

The artist himself.
He has got a good feeling about the nature on Athos. This picture of one of the ancient mule paths is very recognizable if you have been there.

Vineyards at Athos – 1997

Interesting about Dmitri that in the last century he became quite controversial because of his drawings of Russian soldiers who were wounded in the war in Afghanistan (1979-1989). The pictures were not appreciated as being very pattriottic by the then ruling communist party.


You can find more paintings of Dmitri on his website (also partly in English). Pictures of Holy places
Bas Kamps

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18 Responses to 1069 – Art. Dmitri Anatolyevich Belyukin. A Russian painter on the Holy Mountain

  1. Fremaki says:

    WOW !
    This is a very precious film.
    Does anybody know where/how to find a copy ?

  2. Fremaki says:

    As I’m particularily interested in knowing and meeting the French speaking monks on Athos (because I regularly lead French speaking people on Athos), I have another question regarding the monks seen in this movie : does anybody know the story of these monks since the film was made ? Aside from father Paul, there are also two French monks : one restoring icons and the other speaking in a courtyard : does anybody who they are and where they live now ?

  3. Rainer Ludwig says:

    Dieser Film des griech. Fernsehens ET3 ist eine gute Ergxe4nzung zu diesem Film. Leider ist die Sprache hier nur Griechisch.

  4. Vasxedlis says:

    The movie (2005) mentioned by Rainer is available on DVD, with English, French, German etc. subtitles, e.g.: http://www.greekbookshop.com.au/index.php?searchtext=DVD00480&category=1

  5. George says:

    There is a French monk in Esphigmenou, and one in Vatopaidi. There are others probably too. I don’t know if father Paul is still in Saint Andreas, but presumably he is still there.

  6. Fremaki says:

    Thanks To Rainer, Vasilis angd Georges for these info’s.
    Any other information about the monks in the movie ?

  7. Bertinos says:

    @Fremaki: there’s at least one at Simonopetra: Makarios (Macaire), who is the author of an extensive synaxarion (synaxaire) in French, also featuring pre-schism saints from Western Europe.

  8. Fremaki says:

    A suggestion : wouldn’t it be usefull if we would collect the names and locations of all the known foreign-language-speaking monks on Athos ? It could be a daunting task, especially about how the list would be stored and kept up-to-date and easily accessible online, but it would serve many people wanting to go there but not knowing to whom to speak in a fluent way, so that they could have a more interesting conversation with the monks and, hence, feel even more strongly positive about our beloved Holy Mountain.
    Wadayathink ?

  9. Dimitris says:

    You should take into account that some of these monks may not wish to become “guides” for the many foreign-speaking visitors of Athos. After all they become monks to enjoy solitude and silent prayer.

  10. Fremaki says:

    Sure, you’re right. Of course, I should have added that the aim is not to turn monks into ‘tourist guides’, but to allow pilgrims that don’t manage greek well enough to be able to have a spiritual discussion, and not to have a guided tour of the monastery (besides, isn’t this the same problem for the Greek speaking monks and the greek-speaking pilgrims ?).

    May I say that I never met a foreign-language-speaking monk unhappy to meet ‘foreigners’ (especially when they are from the same origin/country) ? If a monk is known to speak this or that non-greek language, it’s because he did it with visitors (otherwise, how would we know ?).

    Also, if a monk doesn’t want to be called up every time a pilgrim passes by, he’ll inform the Archondaris that he’s ‘not available’, or only available at certain times.

    As you know, Dimitri, many monks use ‘this technique’ to meet pilgrims in the evening, after Complines, on a balcony or in a specific room, and that’s precisely one of the strongest reasons why so many Greeks come to the Holy Mountain : so they can listen to a spiritual father.

    The idea is to help non-greek speaking pilgrims to benefit from that same blessing.

  11. Wim says:

    Fremaki, I think it is a great idea to start making a list of foreign-language-speaking monks on Athos. I am willing to make an inventory and publish it on this blog.(I know two English speaking Greek: father Filimon in Prof. Eliou (nr 553) and father Joachim from Mylopotamos).

  12. Adriana says:

    Glad to find your blog and this beautiful story. I will spread the word. Good wishes.

  13. George F Australia says:

    Hello All,

    Father Ambrosios of Stavronikita Monastery is also a French speaking Hieromonk.

  14. Fremaki says:

    To Wim : how can we proceed in order to start the “back-office work” for this project ? I guess we shouldn’t use this blog for the practical aspects.
    You can contact me via my email if you prefer.

  15. anca says:

    hie…why I can’t longer see the movie with Mount Athos..?I haven’t got time to watch it this week,but now that I have I can’t…pls post it again if u have removed it…I would very much like to see it 🙂

  16. Wim says:

    I am afraid we have a problem. Nama TVWeb removed this (beautiful!) film from Vimeo!

  17. Fremaki says:

    To Wim (2nd posting) :

    How can we proceed in order to start the “back-office work” for this project ? I guess we shouldn’t use this blog for the practical aspects.
    You can contact me via my email if you prefer.

  18. Wim says:

    please send an e-mail through the “mailformulier”. I will reply this weekend and discuss the possibilities.

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