1065 – different old pictures and postcards from Athos

Ouranopolis 1928

The first is an exceptional image of Ouranopolis (Phosphori) from 1928, four years after Sydney Loch and his wife Joyce Nankivell arrived in this little village and made the old tower their home.

Joyce Nankivell Loch helped the Greeks who fled from Turkey and settled in Ouranopolis by weaving woolen tapestries

A numbered serie of postcards from Athos: nr. 17 Panteleimon

nr. 18 the main entrance of Panteleimon

nr. 19 Panteleimon

nr. 23 Iviron: still at least nineteen cards are missing, the search goes on!

Iviron (in blue), in color and in black and white, all the same image

Juiron = Iviron with Arab text

Karakallou by David M. Assaël Quartier Franc (with two settlements in the background, one of them maybe Timiou Stavrou)

Sografou from the same serie by David M. Assaël Quartier Franc

Sografou nr 124

Skiti Andreou or Serail – nr 217

Skiti Ag. Andreou or Serail in color

Panteleimon (from the sea)

Panteleimon nr 29 with monks posing on the road leading up to the monastery


Dafni in color

Vatopediou in color

Vatopediou monks/ fishermen in color

Pantocratoros in color

Koutloumousiou in color

Most of these postcards must be dated before 1945 or even older, like this one of Docheiariou from 1908.

The top of the Holy Mountain in color

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