1064 – Photoalbum 1913

Photoalbum 1913


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  1. aleksandros says:

    The text on photo 5 is written in a form of verse and it’s name can be translated as
    “We will be just the same” (bones and skulls).
    But this poetry is very difficult to translate. Sorry.

  2. Mirko, Serbia says:

    Photo 5 – It is a poem (cross rhyme) about sinful and miserable life in this world. That is good translation “We will be just the same”.
    Photo 6 – Maybe I can translate it but You have to post better picture because I can not recognize text.

  3. Wim says:

    Mirko, I added a more detailed picture of the text to this post. Thanks for your help.

  4. aleksandros says:

    Photo 6
    What if I come to my tomb with great sorrow and pain in my heart and will see there: all your beauty is ashes and dust, worm and stink. It is right here, in this tomb. Look and think over!

    Wim, this is a literal translation.
    Believe me, I am Russian.

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