1062- Art: Dominique Papety (1815-1849) visits to Athos

This view from the most southern point of the Athos peninsula was drawn by the Marseille born Dominique Papety. We introduced him in post 437
He went twice to Athos and Greece. His first trip was between April and August 1846. He visited the monasteries of Mount Athos. He reported on this trip by hundreds of drawings, and he published a report in 1847 in the the magazine`Revue des Deux Mondes`.
He made a second trip to Athos in August 1847. From this trip he brought back a tremendous amount of documentation by annotating his drawings with remarks.
He died of cholera aged only 34.
I will show a few examples of his Athos experience.
The refectory of Lavra

The monastery of Iviron

Frescoes in the Protaton in Karyes

In Karyes

The Arsanas of Karakalou

Athos map by Papety

The Arsanas of Lavra

A remarkable painting is the temptation of Saint Hilarion. Though not explicitly situated on Athos it seems very much inspired by the hermits and landscape of Athos.

The story of Saint Hilarion (291 – 371) is interesting. He was an anchorite who spent most of his life in the desert.
After he was beset by carnal thoughts, he reduced his diet to the juice of herbs and less figs and took to praying, singing, the hoeing of the soil and the production of baskets made from rushes. Although he was quite starved, “so wasted that his bones scarcely held together” (Jerome) he still frequently heard voices, of infants or of domestic animals, which he identified as demons, and had visions of naked women, voluptuous meals, chariots and gladiatorial contests:
`So many were his temptations and so various the snares of demons night and day, that if I wished to relate them, a volume would not suffice. How often when he lay down did naked women appear to him, how often sumptuous feasts when he was hungry! ` (Jerome, Life of St Hilarion)

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