1056 – Fathers 2009

Father on the ferry, in the background Xenophontos
Father Podromos of Skete Anni and father Joachim of Mylopotamos watching the mountain at sunset sitting in the kiosk of Mylopotamos.
Father Podromos of Skete Anni who is helping to repaint the chapel of Mylopotamos.
Father on his way to Iviron, very friendly, one of the few monks we encountered when we were walking the paths. Most of them take the taxi.
Father at Esfigmenou showing Jaap the route to Chilandariou.
Friendly but old and a little bit confused gate keeper at Esfigmenou.
Foto’s by hv

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3 Responses to 1056 – Fathers 2009

  1. Rainer Ludwig says:

    Der Fotograf Martin ist laut Diamonitirion kein Serbe sondern Slowake. Eine gute Bildergalerie auf jeden Fall.

  2. Vasxedlis says:

    I was the 19th of august 2010 at the chapel, in the evening, see for some pictures: Metamórfosis http://www.debergathos.blogspot.com/
    and it was very crowded. It was impossible for me to make a good picture, because of all these people walking around and sleeping in the buildingstructure. The work was still in progress.

  3. herman says:

    Vasilis, Jammer dat de recente foto van de nieuwbouw niet gemaakt kon worden wegens drukte. Leuke blog!

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