1047 – more Athos wines

In post number 957 I showed you an “Athos”-champagne, made in Skiti Iviron (Agiou Nikolaou).

I bought another white wine from this Skiti, which I tasted this Februari. I think it was about time to drink this wine, because the gold/yellow fluid already showed some residue.

Oinos Leykos Glykys, no vintage.

The label of the white wine: Oinos Leukos Glykys, Paragogi kai Emfialosi, Kalivi Ag. Nikolaou, I. Skiti Iviron, Ag. Oros

Taste report:
The colour is gold/yellow,
a nose with sweet smells: honey and a ripe honeydew melon,
and a taste of pineapple, honey and melon.

Although the dregs worried me, the taste did not disappoint me at all, it actually surprized me that this cheap Athos wine tasted this good!

The prize of the white Skiti Iviron wine, € 7,00

The other wine I tasted is a red wine made by the monks of Vatopedi.

The Vatopediou red wine, again no vintage (€ 10,00)

The front label of the Vatopaianos Oinos, with a 14th century fresco of the Katholicon of the monastery.

Back label of the Vatopediou wine. The wine is made of Merlot and Syrah grapes and the vineyard is using an organic (biologiges) way of producing.

Taste report:
The colour is deep red, the wine sticks to the glass, and with
a nose of “farmy” smells and red fruit,
with some tannins and a – thin – taste of figs, cherry, chocolate/cocoa en tabacco.

According to me a very nice wine, worth to try. The label directs you to this site “dionet.gr“, but I couldn’t find the wine here. By the way, the next day the wine even tasted better!

Wim Voogd, 2/5

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  1. hernan says:

    Where did you buy the Vatopedi wine?

  2. Wim says:

    I forgot to mention that these wines were bought in the Dafni shops, just before leaving Mt. Athos.

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