1044 – Lithographs of Mt. Athos

I found some lithographs with some extraordinary images from Athos. The lithographs are printed with French and Russian texts, added with a handwritten Greek translation.

1. Paliomonastiro: this is the old Russikon, on this image without the church which they start building in 1880. The old wall is still to be seen.

2. Amalfi tower. Here it is called the Morfonou tower. The tower is in reality situated near Morfonou Bay and Lavra.

3. The Romanian Skiti Prodromou: it looks as if it was build yesterday on this image.

4. Prof. Eliou, without the main church, that was build between 1899 and 1914, although there seems to be a small church/chapel in the courtyard. I never saw the windmill before.

5. The convent of Cotlomouch = Koutloumousiou

I can’t tell you how old the lithographs are, but they must be (much) older then 1880. I think they are quite special, because they show us images of Mt. Athos before the time photography was invented. I wonder who made them………….
Wim, 24/4

Earlier we showed all the lithographs but with low res images nr.214

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