1038 – Karyes

Old image of Karyes. I do not recognize it, or is the building in the middle the same as in the pictures I took last year? Does that mean that the other buildings are not there anymore?

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  1. George F Australia says:

    Hi Wim,

    Kaligra is used as the arsanas of Koutloumousiou Monastery and is inhabited. Im not sure when it was built, but it has always been used for this purpose – to the best of my knowledge.
    This is what I can make out from the inscription:
    ? ????? ??????? ……..???????????? ……?????????????? ,…??? ???????????.

    In english: The present arsanas……of the abbot…….Koutloumousiou….(i cant translate the first numeral)second is ? third:? and fourth: ? Indiktionos which means year.

  2. George F Australia says:

    Upon further viewing I have come up with the following on the inscription:
    ???????? ? ????? ??????? ??? ????????? ??? ?????? ??????????? ??????? ??? ???????????? ????? ??? ?????????????? ? ??? ????..

  3. Wim says:

    George F., thanks for your help and the translation the Greek text (and ofcourse I should have seen that this the arsanas of Koutloumousiou!)

  4. Dimitris says:

    Some more info on the Kaliagra Tower. It was build by Neagoe Basarab. Neagoe Basarab was the Voivode (Prince)of Wallachia between 1512 and 1521, so it is logical to assume that the tower was build around that time. This particular harbour was set aside from 985 to be a common harbour that all monasteries could use. The tower has the following dimensions: 5.7 x 8 meters and a height of 16 meters. A canon used to be housed in the east side, presumably to defend from attacks from the sea.

  5. Fremaki says:


    I think these buildings are still there ; you’ll find them on the slopes of Karyes, along the old kalderimi going up to Molyvokklisia and Marouda.

    If my assumption is correct, the building on the left is now being restored and inhabited, whereas the center one, the tall one, is still left in a rather bad state. It might be the former Konaki of Saint Panteleimon.

    To me, the buildings in your recent picture do not seem to match the ones on the old picture, but the position where you were standing while taking your picture seems to be in the right vicinity.

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong ?


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