1034 – ruins just outside of Sografou

A deserted village is situated just north of Sografou. There are a couple of houses underneath a impressive wall. It is lies only approximately eighty meters from the monastery, walking down from the Kiosk in front of the monastery. The houses are all deserted. Nature has taken over. The ruins are over covered with plants and trees. The outline of the medieval hamlet is still visible. It must have been quite a while since the last inhabitants left. There is no proper road left. Only a small footpath. You can walk around and see inside the buildings and observe what´s left of it. It is a highly Romantic place. It reminds us of the transitoriness of life. All earthly things must pass away. The takeover by nature is complete. Flora rules. In a couple of years all the human signs will vanish. First all that was made of wood; planks, windowpanes and later that is made out of stone. The walls and chimneys will collapse and will be covered with a thick layer of inaccessible jungle. Then nothing will be left of this place which was hamlet. It makes you wonder about the inhabitants. Are there any pictures of them? They were probably workers. Or they might have been monks living just outside for the monastery.
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The disappearing ruins in front. The large wall on the left and Sografou at the back
of the picture. The roof of the kiosk is just visible.

The terrace with a walnut tree.

The vanished plasterwork reveals the timber-framing.
A look inside one of the bigger buildings.
The buildings disappear under a thick layer of plants.

Bas Kamps

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