1028 – Vatopedi guesthouse

This is the hall of the guesthouse of Vatopedi. The doors lead to the bedrooms and on the walls many large paintings of monasteries and sketes. Here are some sketes. It is sometimes difficult to say which skete it shows. What do you think?
Sketi Prof. Eliou??
Giannis gave us the answer: Bogoroditsa is the small building in the left background of this painting, and on the foreground the Russian metoxi Chromitsa is shown! (Wim, thanks to Giannis).

photos by hv sept 2009

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6 Responses to 1028 – Vatopedi guesthouse

  1. Bertinos says:

    The old picture is a mirror reflection. I suppose it’s a kind of master plan, because you can recognise existing buildings, as well as buildings that have never been built (e.g. the Agia Sofia-like building between the great guesthouse and the actual monastery)

  2. George F Australia says:

    I suspect that the first painting is of St. Andrews Skete (Sarai). My assumption is based on how the bell tower is depicted, in size and appearance.
    The second painting I also suspect is of the original cell that once stood in the courtyard of St. Andrews Skete (Sarai)before the large buildings were built. My assumption is based on an old photo I saw on Giannis blog page(http://agioritikesmnimes.pblogs.gr/)
    which looks very much like this painting.
    Finally, I wish Herman, Wim and all of the readers a Happy Easter.
    George Frangos.

  3. George F Australia says:

    Sorry I forgot to mention that the church shown in the painting is depicted identically to the old church directly in front of St. Andrews church in the inner courtyard of St. Andrews Skete. I think the church is dedicated to St. Anthony??

  4. George F Australia says:

    This is the link to the picture I mentioned regarding painting no. 2

  5. stelios says:


  6. Silviu Cluci says:

    As I can see all 3 paintings are presenting the same subject: St. Andrews Skete through history.

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