1020 – 2009 Trip to Athos: Mylopotamos, day 1 – 17

After leaving the beautiful monastery Iviron and 3 of our friends – who spend the night in Iviron – we continued our walk to the final destination of our first day on Mt. Athos, Mylopotamos.
Our final destination day 1: Mylopotamos (seen from the north – Iviron)

I made a reservation through this website. The arrangement was, that we could visit Mylopotamos with a maximum of 4 pilgrims, who had to pay € 50,- each for evening dinner, a place to sleep and breakfast. This may seem odd, because you never have to pay for food or a place to sleep in monasteries, but Mylopotamos is commercial winery, so they have different rules. And you will not hear me complain, because it was worth every penny!

Old sign to Karakalou, Filotheou and Lavra

Mylopotamos: the entrance with a solid iron gate (see A on the map)

Detail of the Zwerger map

Mylopotamos: soon after arriving you will see the grapes, with Stavronikita in the background (spot B on the map)

Mylopotamos: a part of the wine estate with building I (see below on the plan)

The winery towards the south with building III (see plan below).

A plan of the winery, sketched by wv from Google maps (the sketch is not 100% accurate, by lack of detailed information). The two buildings “I” have an unknown purpose, although they are probably for the labourors. Building “III” is the new winery, where the wine is produced and stored. Building “II” is the actual Mylopotamos premises.

Mylopotamos: wines and the Mountain

Mylopotamos: finally time to rest with water, loukoumi and a home-made tsipourou, served by our very friendly host, Father Ioachim, who took the honours of father Epifanios, who spend a couple of days in Thessaloniki.

Next time more about Mylopotamos and Father Ioachim.

Wim Voogd, 15/3

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