1019 – film: Monks of Mt. Athos 1983

This film in 7 episodes is made by NBC-news in 1983. Unfortuanately we cannot embed it from You Tube, so you’ll have to do it with these links.

1. episode
Boat from Ierissos to Esfigmenou, Vatopediou, Stavronikita, Lavra and Iviron, the baking of a special bread.

2. episode
Festival of the Panaghia of the gate with the procession to the Katholicon and the feast dinner in the Refectory.

3. episode. With Karyes, Skiti Andreou, Channel of Xerxes, Ouranopolis, Xenofontos, Docheiariou, Panteleimonos, Dafni and Dionysiou, with an English speaking monk John who came to live there in 1963.
Karyes: Father Panteleimon

4. episode
Dionysiou, , library, refectory, fresco’s books of revelations.
Dionysiou: Father John the gate keeper

5. episode
Ossuarium and Father John telling about his his life on Athos.
Father John tells the story of his life

6. episode: Simonospetras, Gregoriou, Karoulia, Katounakia (icon painters)

7. episode: siversmiths and Chilandariou.

Katounakia: silversmiths

Vintner of Chilandariou

The original film was made in 1977 by John Keshishoglou: Mt. Athos: The First One Thousand Years.

Thanks to Vasilis, who did a good job finding this film!
Wim, 15/3

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