1012 – Tsar (?) visiting Athos in 1906

A photo an official, who looks somewhat like Tsar Nicolas II, visiting Athos in 1906. The excact idendity is not known, who could it be?
I did not find out in front of which building they are posing, but it looks a Russian architectual style.
Wim, 9/3 + 11/3

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3 Responses to 1012 – Tsar (?) visiting Athos in 1906

  1. Alex says:

    The individual in the photograph is not Tsar Nicholas II, he may be some other monarch, but I can assure you that is not him.

  2. Wim says:

    Alex, I have to admit that I already had my doubts, because tsar Nicolas II looks slightly different on pictures I found on the internet. I also wondered if the tsar would have any time left to go Athos in 1906, because it were troubled times in Russia that year (problems with the doema). The question remains: who could be this man ?

  3. Bertinos says:

    Perhaps Czar Ferdinand I of Bulgaria?

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