1003 – Controversial film

There is opposition against this film because they filmed without permission. more.
Thanks to B. Kamps. Photo shot in Paris:

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  1. Dimitris says:

    So, there wasn’t any gourmet cooking for you guys, then.. Bad timing I guess.. Did you have better luck with the wine tasting?

  2. Wim says:

    Dimitris, do not worry! Because as the excellent cooking of Father Joachim (rice with tomato and octopodia, salad and fresh patatas) and of course an abundance of excellent dry red wine (the years 2007 and 2004), we were treated like kings. It was a pity that we could’t see Father Epifanios, but that gives us another reason to go back (soon?)!

  3. Dimitris says:

    Guys, you have the warmest regards from Margaritis, the winemaker from Mylopotamos. Tonight there was a wine fair at Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki. Mylopotamos had a stand there, and I had the chance to have a chat with both Margaritis and Father Epifanios. Apparently, you made a very good impression and Margaritis has the fondest memories from your visit. Also Father Epifanios said that he was sorry that he didn’t have the chance to meet you, and he is hoping to see you next time you visit Athos!

  4. Herman says:

    Good to hear.Thanks.

  5. Vasílis says:

    Yes, the movie is ‘controversial’ because it was made without permission of the Ierá Kinótita, in fact even in an illegal way, I think. Despite this it is very interesting. See also blog 744: http://athos.web-log.nl/athos_agios_oros_/2009/03/744—a-french.html, with Greek subtitles.

  6. Herman Voogd says:

    It is not only controversial because there was no permission but also, I think (I did not see the film) that they made a lot of footage in Esfigmenou and so gave the “zealots” monks the opportunity to spread there views on Orthodoxy.
    And that is what the leaders in Karyes do not like. But is difficult to say something about this film if you did not see it.

  7. Bertinos says:

    The claim that they had permission from the Sacred Epistasia is false. The producers therefore turned to the “Zealots” of Esfigmenou.

    They tried to film in other monasteries as well, but were stopped when the monks discovered who they were. In at least one case, they managed to deceive the monks.

    Nevertheless, it is incorrect to present this movie as a representative image of life on Mount Athos, since it is (almost) exclusively based on life at the Zealot community at Esfigmenou with their distorted and extremist views on the Orthodox Christian Faith and teachings.

    This is why the Holy Epistasia is angry about the whole affair…

  8. Jan Paul ten Bruggencate says:

    I should like to have contact with Mr. Wim Voogd.J.P.

  9. Wim Voogd says:

    Dear Mr. Jan Paul ten Bruggencate,

    You can mail me (in Dutch) by clicking on “email me”.

    Wim Voogd

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