1002 – 2009 Trip to Athos: Iviron day 1 – 15

The route Karyes – Iviron. See more here.

After having a quick look in Karyes I planned to walk to Iviron, but unfortunately time was running out. It would take us another 1,5 hour to get there, and we already did quite some walking that day. So we decided to take a taxi to Iviron, thus skipping a visit to Skiti Koutloumousiou, Skiti Iviron and many other settlements that I wanted to see. Guess what’s on my list for the next visit to Athos in 2011?

Iviron and its gardens – 27/9/2009

Iviron balconies

Entrance Iviron with pilgrim Jaap

Iviron – chapel of the Holy Portaitissa icon, the icon that did not want the stay at one place (A b on the plan).

In 1980 I visited Mount Athos as a 23 year young man. Soon after getting the Diamoniterion (permit) in Karyes we walked to Iviron. The first thing I ever saw in a monastery was this icon. But it was not just that. A young monk came in and started bowing in front of the icon. Then he kneeled down, touching his head to the ground and stood up again. He did this 5 times, 10 times, 20 times and after that I lost counting, but it must have been at least 100 times that he repeated this act of worshipping! It made a great impression to me!
Unfortunately the service started in the Katolicon, so the door to the chapel and the icon closed in front of my eyes, so I was not able to see the icon again.

The door to the Chapel

Plan of Iviron

The katholicon of Iviron

The ceiling of the exo-narthex of the katholicon – I just missed the head of a painting of God…

The exceptional front of the katholicon of Iviron and the Phiale.

The Phiale of Iviron, build in 1614, totally renovated in 1863 and painted in 1879 by Philippos Asimakopoulos.

Water tap at Iviron

Iviron – wall relief: a bishops crown held by two angels or women (?) with the double headed eagle.

Iviron – a door with nails

Iviron – chapel Timiou Prodromou (V on the plan).

Next time more outside pictures of Iviron. First skiing in the snow next week, I’ll be back 26/2!
Wim, 21/2

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    The photo with the double head eagle shows two angels -not women as it is questioned.

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