991 – 2009 Trip to Athos: the road to Karyes day 1 – 13

This is already the thirteenth blog about our first day on Athos op September 27th 2009, and we’ve only been there for 3 hours!

On our way from Palio Monastiro to Karyes I took 15 pictures. I have to admit that they are not very exiting, but I’ll show them to you anyway, just to give you an impression how it is to walk the roads on Mount Athos.

Photo 1: a turn with a sign “Sto Vouno’ meaning “To the Mountain’

Photo 2: a small road descents. It was beautifull weather on September 27th: 20 – 25 Celsius and a strong wind.
Photo 3: The top of Mount Athos covered with a ‘hat’ of clouds.

Photo 4: new signs point the way to Karyes, Anapausia (kelli belonging to I.M. Koutloumousíou), Xiropotamou, Panteleimonos and Xenofontos.

Photo 5: an iron sign, standing between pine and oak trees, points back to where we came from.

Photo 6: a junction wiht a large wooden cross. A dog – lower left – followed us from the settlement near the sign ‘Sto Vouno’, as if he was our best friend.

Photo 7: as far the eye stretches: oak, pine, heather and oleander: the stunning nature of the Garden of the Mother of God.

Photo 8: through a wall of chesnut trees

Photo 9: Forestery

Photo 10: Forestery II, again with the sign pointing to “Anapausia”

Photo 11: the crossing with the main road to Karyes, with a sign to Karyes and Koutloumousiou

Photo 12: a sign with kellia above and under Kapsála

Photo 13: a well kept kellion – name unknown

Photo 14: cell of Agios Nikodimos

Photo 15: the South East part of Athos, just before arriving in Karyes.

This ends this boring blog, next time more about Karyes and its buildings.

Wim Voogd, 1/2

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6 Responses to 991 – 2009 Trip to Athos: the road to Karyes day 1 – 13

  1. John says:

    How can one stay at Mylopotamos? Is there a number to call? Also please take photos of the lake near old rossiko.

  2. Richard Storey Bristol, UK says:

    A very ambitious walking plan – I wish I was coming along!

    Just returned from Athos (Xenphontos, Panteleimonon, Koutloumousiou, Philotheou, Iviron, Stavronikita followed by two nights at Vatopaidi.


  3. Wim says:

    I made e-mail contact through these sites: http://www.mywines.gr/ or http://www.mylopotamos.com and made a reservation. NB: Your stay is NOT free!

  4. John says:

    Not free? How come? And how much is the charge? Hopefully that would include a special diner cooked by Father Epifanios and unlimited wine tasting.. Alternatively, I guess one can always stay at Iveron and visit Mylopotamos which is nearby.

  5. Wim says:

    x80 50,00! Yes, it does include diner cooked this famous cookbook-writing father Epifanios and bed and breakfast. And I do hope for unlimited wine tasting: I have no doubt this won’t be the problem, so close to the vineyard! If I understand correctly think this is a package deal, so no meal from Father Epifanios if you sleep in Iviron ! Also see posts 523 and 531 (and more): http://athos.web-log.nl/athos_agios_oros_/2008/08/523—food-cook.html

  6. Bertinos says:

    The text on photo 1 seems to be “Sto vouno” which means “To the mountain”.

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