990 – book: Athos Kuren, a Danish cookbook

In 940 I showed you a new book about food and cooking on Athos. The writer makes an connection between the healthy food on Mount Athos and the fact that the monks suffer less from cancer.

The book has 257 pages and it discribes 96 recepies: of most of them it is likely that they are being cooked and served on the Holy Mountain, especially if you have the chance to visit Mylopotamos/Father Epifanios (see above picture), who has the reputation of being the best cook on Athos. But do not get the impression the the average meal on the Holy Mountain is of such a high standard. Most of the time it is very basic but tastfull, but do not expect to be in a restaurant.
The fisherman of Iviron, Father Ioannis

I have to give my compliments to the writer, but also to the photogapher, who make some beautifull pictures, knowing that both of them spend spend only a short time on Athos and only visited a small part of the peninsula. My only critism is that the writer could have done some more research about the Holy Mountain and Orthodoxy (the permit is called a Diamoniterion and not a dimitrion), but I have to realize it is mainly a cookbook and NOT an Athos-book. The second minor criticism is that some of the recepies are a little bit to much inspired by the Danish tast (eating fresh tuna steak or meat from large North Sea crabs is definitely not an option in Athos).

Father Ioannis enjoying a meal on his balustrade at the Iviron arsanas

A funny story from the book is the meeting between the writer and Father Ioannis, the fisherman form Iviron. They spend an evening and night talking, eating and drinking. The monk speach good English, is educated in film history and knew everything about Lars von Trier films!

Father Ioannis with lobsters!

Father Ioannis with octopodia.

You can buy the book here.

Wim, 28/1

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  1. George says:

    Father Ioannis must be one of the most photographed monks of Athos. He is definately not camera-shy. I have seen him in at least 3 Greek publications about Athos. I always wandered who he was, so thank you for sharing these info about him.

  2. Vasílis says:

    How about Athos Water (commercial)? see

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