989 – etchings and Athos

In the past time I found some etchings, which I want to show to you.

I bought this one two months ago. It is not an original old etching, but a print published in a book, but I liked the image anyway. It showes Esfigmenou in a time when photos did not excist. Look at the ships/boats lying on the beach.

Esfigmenou: almost the same image, with even more boats and seen from a wider angle. This one dates from 1860.

Another engraving of Esfigmenou. In French it says: “Un cloitre du mont Athos”.

“Council-General of the Epistates”. 11 man sitting and 4 standing in a simple room, with two icons on the wall and lamp with an ostrich egg. The visitor (in white) greets the Holy Epistatia. One of them smokes a pipe, another pipe lies in front of the carpet. The hats look unfamiliar, they resamble an Islamic way of dressing.

The harvest of the hazelnuts: “La recolté des noisettes au mont Athos – Dessin de Villevieille d’apres M.A. Proust (1860)”. The figure in the middle can’t be woman, although she looks like one ……..

“The monastery of Iveron” (Iviron)

A fresco from Lavra – 1860, French, showing Isaak, Abraham and Jacob. “……. (?) de la trapeza de Lavra, les trois Patriarches – Dessin du Therond d’apres une photographie” – 1860

The Phiale of Lavra – 1860: “La Phiale ou le Baptistere du couvent de Lavra (voy p. 120). Dessin de Lancelot d’apres une photographie”.

View on Athos from Sithonia – 1860: “Vue general du mont Athos. Dessin de Villevieille d’apres M.A. Proust

And an etching from Germany (?) from 1943 with a monk writing in a notebook.

Lavra – 1890

Wim Voogd, 27/1 and 8/2

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