986 – Athos on Google Earth / Community Walk

This map shows you the most important buildings on the Holy Mountain and might help you get around. Beware, Google Earth and Panaramio isn’t that acurate with positioning places and pictures, so you better look here (also see Links: “Map of Athos on Google Earth”).
I made some improvements and added pictures to the places I did see until now. The blue path shows you the route of Wim’s group in 2009.
Wim, 23/1

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3 Responses to 986 – Athos on Google Earth / Community Walk

  1. Dimitris says:

    Reading posts like that, I get reminded that we Greek pilgrims rarely do such extra activities when we visit the mountain. Perhaps that’s because it is so casual and easy for us to visit the mountain, whereas foreigners try to get the most of their rare visits. Actually, I would like to do some “extra” stuff next time I visit, such as touring the Mylopotamos winery and gaining access to the monasteriers towers and libraries.. The question is how do I go about doing that. Perhaps since you have done research about this sort of activities, you can tell us what we need to do in order to achieve such goals.

  2. Dimitris says:

    A thought just occured to me… Are you guys going to spend any time in Thessaloniki?

    If so, perhaps a meeting could be arranged with your Thessaloniki readers. Maybe go to a taverna or to grab a few beers. If you have the time for such a thing, please state so in the blog. Count me in, if that is the case.

  3. Herman + Wim says:

    Dimitris, a very tempting invitation but we go directly from the plane to Ouranoupolis and vice versa. We always did Saloniki first but this time we have chosen to skip the city. We appreciate your plan very much
    especially the beers and thank you for this nice gesture. Maybe another time.
    Wim en Herman Voogd

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