980 – Maps (high res)

The Cutsinger map.
The Rolf Gross map.
The Russian map
The Russian map 2

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3 Responses to 980 – Maps (high res)

  1. Vasilis says:

    I do absolutely not know anything about digital maps, but is Google maps a (possible start of a) solution together with http://gpsvisualizer.com/ ?

  2. Saurooon says:

    Hi there,
    Can i take a one small picture from your blog?

  3. Herman Voogd says:

    Sauroon, the pictures on our blog are from all over the Web. Some of them are taken by ourselves (wim + hv). Our policy is that we always try to mention the name of the photographer. In most cases we make a link to the site of the author/photographer. So be our guest but do not forget to mention the name of the photographer.

    Wim + Herman Voogd (hv) Webmasters

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