971 – Friends of Vatopedi

Arriving at Vatopedi. by B. Kamps sept 2009
Here you can sign a form to give support to this monastery. If you want of course.
photo by B. Kamps
Photo by B. Kamps sept 2009

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3 Responses to 971 – Friends of Vatopedi

  1. art101 says:

    well, don’t misunderstand me, but giving support -money I suggest- to vadopedi seems to me nowadays like bringing coal to newcastle (oder eulen nach athen).

  2. Dimitris says:

    What money? This is simply a petition to give one’s solitude to Vatopaidi regarding the unfair attacks to the monastery from the press regarding the recent “scandal”. The monastery didn’t do anything wrong.. It just wasn’t careful enough with its affairs with the state. You have everyu right to be critical, but don’t believe everything the press tells you..

  3. art101 says:

    I didn’t mention the link.

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