954 – update Zwerger map

Our reader “art101” send us these pictures of an update from 2007 made by mr Zwerger himself. This month we received the sad news that mr Zwerger died this spring 2009. As a tribute to his important role for pilgrims who like to hike on the holy Mountain, I will show you his adjustments on his detailed map.
Note: the map itself is no longer available in, so go to the site of Zwerger, maintained by family and friends. The map is under copyright so I will only show some small details and hope to give a service for the customers who already bought the map. The red lines are from mr Zwerger:



A path near Ag. Nilos down to the sea

A path from Grigoriou to a lake, not far from Antithonas plus a a vanished trail

A path near Pantocratoros

An adjustment of roads/paths from the Amalfi tower to Skiti Lakkou

A path from the road from Ag. Pavlou to Nea Skiti/Skiti Ag. Annis


Path from Esfigmenou to Vatopediou

For more about this map and its maker see 374, 378.
Wim, 26/12

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  1. art101 says:

    I’ve to do a correction about Mr. Zwerger. he passed away in spring not as I wrote September this year.Well,the date is of course of no significant importance. He also wrote a book about his travels on Mt. Athos called
    ‘Wege am Athos’ which he published on his own. He was a professional artist who created impressing wood and lineolium carvings dealing also with people and buildings of athos. Luckily I bought 2 of his pictures some years ago.
    if you are interrested I could send you some images of his book to pn adress. I myself will be on athos at the end of may 2010.
    happy new year

  2. Rainer Ludwig says:

    Wissenswertes ueber Prof. Reinhold Zwerger, ueber sein erwaehntes und empfehlenswertes Buch ist hier zu finden:


    Bestellungen sind in Deutschland und Oesterreich moeglich.

    A Happy New Year

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