952 – 2009 Trip to Athos: Roussikon day 1 – 6

IMG_3140 Roussikon building W4
Roussikon – building W4 – home of workers, now stripped down to its fundaments and maybe rebuild in the future? (for map see 948)

One of the reasons I wanted to have a look in the area behind the monastery, where you can find the ruins of different buildings, is because of the article from September 1986 in a Dutch magazine. A Dutch journalist, Rolf Bos, visited the Holy Mountain in 1979 and they reported this: (also see 861 and 862).

“Finally, almost forgotten behind a mountain trail, the photo studio. The façade collapsed down. The first room is in the open air and empty. In a small parlor one sees a great mess. Pages from magazines, torn pictures, dust and vermin. One of the two backrooms must have been the actual studio. It is a large, light space, with in the middle a huge studio camera. The wooden box from the camera is the only thing left: the lens has disappeared. In the corner stands a picture frame with a passepartout and some photos: portraits of monks and of somebody who might have been the abbot of the monastery. Everywhere scattered pieces of a scenery. In the other corner lies a small round table”.

This year I finally got the change to look for this ruined studio, although I knew that the odds were small, because the studio already was partly ruined in 1979, 30 years ago. After seeing the next building Q and completing my tour around the monastery, I am sure that this photo studio has disappeared totally.

IMG_3141 Roussikon building Q
Roussikon – building Q, the picture shows the side near building W5, still intact, with vines covering the side.
It used be a place where pilgrims slept and it also contained cells of monks.

IMG_3107 detail gebouwen w3 4 5 en Q
Roussikon – buildings W3, W4, W5 and Q

detail of the Roussikon plan

IMG_3142 Roussikon inside building Q
Roussikon – inside building Q

IMG_3144 Roussikon inside building Q - 2
Roussion – inside building Q: cubboards and rough wooden floors and pillars

We almost finished our roundtrip of Panteleimon. The next picture shows the building Q and W5, shot while standing in a corner of building B (the kitchen).

IMG_3145 Roussikon - sea view from building B
Roussikon – notice the building near the seaside and a smaller one in the far end, the gardens and the one with the blue roof. They are not shown on the plan and not visited by me this time. Maybe a reason to back soon?

IMG_3146 Roussikon - corridor above the Trapeza
Roussikon – a corridor between the kitchen (B) and the trapeza (4), with the clock tower (A) and the Panaghias church (H).

IMG_3147 Roussikon - detail clocktower with bells
Roussikon – bells in the clocktower

I’ll be off for a couple of days and see family (and snow!) in Northern Denmark. Next time I’ll show you some interesting pictures of the graveyard (T) of Panteleimon!
A Merry Christmas to you all and enjoy your holiday.
Wim, 19/12

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