949 – a cartoon about Silouan / Athos (in French)


A Belgian cartonist Gaëtan Evrard drew a Christian cartoon about the monk / Saint Silouan, who lived on the Holy Mountain, called “Starets Silouan a monk of Mount Athos: According to the biography of Father Sophrony” (ISBN : 978-2-930273-48-8 ).


This is his story:
Simeon Ivanovich Antonov was born in 1866 in the province of Tambov, Russia.
He leads the life of a poor farmer, practically illiterate, and then at the military service that of a simple soldier. In 1892 he moved to Mount Athos, the Garden of the Mother of God, amid the 2000 monks of the Russian monastery St. Panteleimon. He was tonsured as a monk by the name of Silouan and he lived, until his death in 1938, the seemingly ordinary life of a simple monk. In reality, the starets Silouan is an authentic witness of Christ and a spiritual of our time. The simple and powerful starets touches the heart. His testimony has saved many men from despair. On November 26, 1987, the universality of starets Silouan has been recognized by the Patriarchate of Constantinople, who has canonized him. In the act of canonization, the new saint is presented as the “prophetic and apostolic Doctor of the Church and the Christian people.”

Wim, 15/12

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