939 – The Geographical Magazine: Februari 1936


This magazine was recently for sale on E-bay but I was not able to buy it, so you will have to do it with the front page. Don’t confuse this (English) magazine with National Geographic magazine, that has an Athos article in the december magazine, now available in shops (for pictures see the Keliotes site 664).

The article in latest National Geographic is oké; part of the text is a bit predictable, but you can’t expect anything else if you write an article for such a big public. I have to compliment the writer by mentioning Mylopotamos / Father Epifanios and by quoting Father Makarios from the Marouda cell. But they could have made more out of it, we know why……! (also see National Geographic 1916 and 1983).
Wim, 2/12

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2 Responses to 939 – The Geographical Magazine: Februari 1936

  1. George says:

    I wouldn’t really call it “near”.. Flipper is probably just a few meters from the coast of Sithonia, judging by the angle and the distance of the mountain.

  2. FV says:

    Grappig. Vanaf hetzelfde strandje op Sithonia heb ik in 1987 voor het eerst van mijn leven een wilde dolfijn gezien.
    Mooie foto.

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