937 – Russian icon

This is obviously the mountain but I did not see this icon before. Does anybody know more?

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  1. John says:

    Mountain? But I think it is a head with black hair.

  2. Bertinos says:

    … of someone who should be using Head & Shoulders? 😉

  3. George F Australia says:

    I am 90% certain that this is a depiction of Mount Athos.
    21 churches are pictured, 20 Monasteries and Karies. On the left The Holy Virgin and Christ are depicted as protectors and on the right, from what I can tell it looks like Saint Nicholas. Herman, where did you find this image?

  4. George F Australia says:

    correction (21 churches which represent the 20 monasteries and Karies)

  5. Herman Voogd says:

    George, I found the image on a Russian site but could not read it. It is a rare and intriging image

  6. George F Australia says:

    Thanks Herman,
    I collect Russian Icons and Orthodox religious items. It is the first Russian depiction of Mount Athos in the style of an Icon I have ever seen, even after 4 years on Athos.

  7. Mirko, Serbia says:

    Mounth Athos, 17th century. Author unknown, 31,3 Ñ… 26,3 cm. Today, icon is in Russian State Museum.

  8. George F Australia says:

    Thanks Mirko!

  9. Mirko, Serbia says:

    You’re welcome!

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