936 – The long building

This long building outside Sografou is what you encounter before entering the monastery. It is partially inhabited by (Bulgarian?) workers. But it used to be a hospital.
Detail from an old photograph.
The 0therside of the building with a very nice bridge entrance. (On the right low hand corner: The only Dutch contribution to the Athos culture: Amstel beer is from Amsterdam).

sografu long house

Another vintage photo from Sografou (Zografu) monastery with the long house on the left. The little village in the middle of the image is nowadays completely wrecked and overgrown by vegetation. Photos of the ruined buildings here.

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5 Responses to 936 – The long building

  1. jovana says:

    That is father Stefan, Serb by origin, he spent over 40 years on Karoulia,great ascetic,his kellia was burnt so he had to go back to Serbia,where he spent last days of his life in the monastery Slanci near Belgrade (capital of Serbia).He is burried there,returned to rest in peace in his homeland after 40 years of stunt in the most cruel part of mount Athos-Karoulia

  2. Rajinder says:

    Hi Brethren,

    I am from the Punjab, India presently living in Reading, England. I am a retired lecturer in Metallurgy and preach Christianity and Sikhism. In fact, Sikhism is continuation of Christianity and I have put up over 1550 Youtube Videos. Here is the exposition of the Gospel of Philip:-


    I can stay at Mount Athos to explain what I have discovered and would like to know from Monks the same on mutual grounds. I need an invitation of visit and here is my e-mail: rajinder.nijjhar@ntlworld.com

    Hope for the best and God bless you.

  3. Dimitris says:

    I don’t think that you need a special invitation to visit Athos. But if you want to go there and pursue theological discussions with the monks, you could really use a letter of reccomendation from a Greek-orthodox priest. There are plenty to be found in the UK, and they could also point you to specific english-speaking monks in Athos. But you need to remember that you shouldn’t question the faith of the monks when you go there or try to convert them to something else. That wouldn’t go down too well.

  4. Wim says:

    Mr. Rajinder, have a look at post 763 in the “basic information” category. Here you find information about how to arrange your visit/pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain.

  5. Dragoljub says:

    I had the blessing to know elder Stephen in the time when he lived his last days in serbian monastery Slanci! He was a real holy man. He brought to us in Serbia the spirit of Holy Mount Athos! Holy elder Stephen pray to God for us!

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