931 – Kaliagra / Arsanas Koutloumousiou part 3

I promised to show you pictures of the interior of the boathouse/tower.

The entrance to the tower, with small boats in front of it. These boats are used to catch fish, as I have seen on the 29th of September 2009.

The interior of the tower. Obviously the room is not in use: scaffolds, an oil drum, rubbish, piles of sand and other debris fill the space, with a wooden structure above.

In the back of the room, with a black ceiling from fires that were lit inside, some interesting objects appear.


img_3670-kaliagra-woodFour large wooden poles with rectangular or round holes in it, one of them V-shaped. I suppose some kind of structure was used to pull the boats inside. Were these objects part of such a structure ?
Notice the hole in the wall to get acces to building B. I think that cleaning the floor will profide a lot of answers, but I hesitate to say that this should be done. Isn’t the building beautifull enough in its purity and simplicity? If you compare it with the rigid renovated area and buildings of the monastery Dionysiou (which I will show you later), I do no what I would prefer…………

A picture with dust particles in the air, showing the entrance to the tower. Notice the Agios Nicolaos icon (protector of sailors) on the right side of the door!

img_3667a-kaliagra-iconOn the leaving the building old signs show you the way back to Stavronikita,

img_3675-kaliagra-sign-to-stavronikita-largeand on almost the same spot you will a new sign of Friends Of Mount Athos (FOMA), who make a good effort to keep the old footpaths and re-open lost ones.img_3676-kaliagra-sign-iviron-large
The builing/kellion on the rightside is the last thing I want to show you, but that will be next time.

Wim, 29/11


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3 Responses to 931 – Kaliagra / Arsanas Koutloumousiou part 3

  1. Vasilis says:

    Simeón Dionisiátis (from I. M. Dionisíou)is the new protoepistatis of the Holy Epistasía (2009/2010). Two days ago (first of june on Agion Oros) was the change. See http://www.romfea.gr/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2617
    with a nice picture of the new Holy Kinótita.

  2. Mircea-Bogdan Uleia says:

    Can someone tell me who is current governor of Holly Mountain? My adress is Bogdanuleia2007@yahoo.com
    Thank you!

  3. Wim says:

    Have a look at this site:


    Political governor: Mr George Dalakouras, tel. 23770-23.230, 23.314. Substitute governor: Mr Aristos Kasmiroglou. Address: 630 86 Karyai, Holy Mount. Telephones (23770) 23.230, 23.314 and 23.290

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