916 – WG Trip to Athos: day 1 – 2

After passing Thibais and Monoxylites the boat arrives at the first stop Megali Jovanitsa. This is the harbour of the Chilandariou monastery.

A good dirt road leads directly to this Serb monastery – 27/9/2009

Soon after you will see this kellion: the name is not known to me, it lies near the area called Patitiria.

And then the beautifull harbour of Sografou appears:

The same place in 1986:

And not far from here the harbour Konstamonitou is found:

After this building the first real Athos monastery Dochiariou comes into sight (with its ugly red crane – why do they keep it standing there for such a long time??):

Detail of the monastery Dochiariou.

And the next monastery Xenofontos follows soon:

And after passing the small cell of Agios Nikolaos (?) you will see the majestic buildings of Panteleimonos.


Finally we arrive at the Holy Mountian and we start our trip at Panteleimonos:

Wim, 11/11/09

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  1. Dimitris says:

    The Docheiariou crane has ruined oh so many photos of mine the last few years. I have been wondering why they still keep it standing as it is currently not in use. From closer inspection I noticed that it is not a mobile crane, but a build-in one, and probably the biggest in Athos. to be removed it needs to be taken apart, and obviously by skilled personel and not by the monks. I don’t see that happening soon unless Docheiariou enters a new phase of restoration works.

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