901 – Ruins around Panteleimonos

When we arrived at Panteleimonos (sept. 2009) my brother and I did not choose to see the clocktower and the Katholikon but went outside the monastery walls to look for decay and rubble. The monastery itself is almost perfectly restored although I am wondering if they did proper research to the original colours of the buildings and towers. As I said we choose to look for the ruins. The ruins can directly be found around the monastery. The above picture shows the building on the northside. It was a rather dangerous spot where this picture was made because the strong wind made the wood detach from the stone walls.
This ruined house is situated next to the katholikon on the second or third floor of the monastery.
The interior is totally wasted and it not clear what the function of the building was.
The exterior.
When the roof was still intact. Look at the two houses at the top.

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  1. jovana says:

    Soprano singing monk in this video is father(archimandrite) Stefan-or papa Stephanos, how Greek used to call him.Serbian hermit who lived in Karoulia for years.His infantile voice speaks more than words about purity of his soul.

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