893 – cars on Athos: number plates

photo from flickr: sabinesnubbing’s photostream

It looks as if more and more cars drive around on our beloved piece of land. Just have a look at the number plates of Athos-cars. Not long ago they started with car nr 1 (the first bus from Dafni to Karyes?). Already in post nr 166 Herman  showed us some older plates (with car nr 2!).


1967: unloading a car of a idiorithmic monk, just after finishing the road between Karyes and Iviron. Was this the first car on Mount Athos ? – from the book of Feigl
Wim, 8/10

(NB: or could these plates or this photo be fake? Vasilis says the lower numbers – 01 and 02 – rever to the monasteries: he has doubts that Lavra [01] has 550 cars?? Do the numbers maybe accumulate, in other words, are there 550 cars in total on the Mountain? Who knows the answer?)

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