892 – Winemaking in Iviron

When we arrived at Iviron the end of september 2009 all the monks were harvesting the grapes. The vine yards are at another location, higherup I presume. Pilgrims were busy onloading.
The grapes went directlly in this machine.
They pumped the juice or better the pulp in this plastic tub.
This wooden reservoir was as big as a small but deep swimmingpool.
The winecellar of Iviron wijnkleder iviron
Grapes hanging above the beautiful street behind the monastery. The wine they were making is only for sale in the monastery ‘s large shop at the entrance.

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2 Responses to 892 – Winemaking in Iviron

  1. herman says:

    Nick, you are right. Thanks

  2. Vasílis says:

    Father Vasílios, abbot of I.M. Ivíron, was seriously wounded today in a car accident, caused by bad weatherconditions, so you may read on Keliotes’blog nr 794: http://agioritikesmnimes.pblogs.gr/ . Lets hope and pray he will recover well and quickly.

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