887 Herman 's group: The route

We went to Athos with 7 friends and formed two groups which we shall call Wim ‘s Group and Herman ‘s Group. Wim and Herman Voogd are the webmasters of this blog and will tell separately their story of this Athos 2009 trip.
The first day the both groups did the same route. At the end of day one 4 of us stayed in Mylopotamos and the other three in Iviron. On the map you see the complete route of Herman ‘s group from 28 th september till 1st oktober 2009. We walked every part of it with an exception on day 1 when we took a taxi from Karyes to Iviron to be on time for diner.
We had perfect weather conditions during our stay, sometimes a bit to warm but many path are in the shadow because of the abundance of vegetation so it was not really a problem.
Herman ‘s Group
Day 1: Panteleimonos, Old Rossikon (Paleo Monasteriou), Karyes, Iviron, Mylopotamos.
Day 2: From Mylopotamos to Vatopediou along the coast
Day 3: Vatopediou, Esfigmenou, Chilandariou, Sografou
Day 4. Sografou, Konstamonitou, Arsanas Konstamonitou

The 3 members:
Jaap Zondervan on his way to Sografou
Herman Voogd and BK on the last day resting after climbing from Sografou to Konstamonitou.

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  1. Ferenc says:

    Dear Sir,I have bean watching almost a whole summer in the last year this wonderful place You write about….but me only for the other side from Sarti from Sithonia…but the Mount Athos was a kind of magical to me..so great and peaceful…really holy from the distance as well…
    And I just would like to say “thank you” for this great blog..for this great job..
    Best wishes…


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