883 – Plan during our stay (Wims 's group)

This is the rough plan for my party (jb, wc, pa and myself), when we reach Athos this Sunday. To make it easier for our readers, I called my party Wim ‘s Group, the others are Herman ‘s Group.

This is a picture from a site called Communitywalk.com, where I added the most important places on Athos and the route we intent to walk. Could this be the map where our readers can add information about the current state of the paths ? Let’s see if it works and fits our means (I have the acountname and password).

Day 1: Starting at Panteleimonos,

Panteleimon</a (1997)

Paliomonasteri, then to Karyes, three of my group will sleep in Iviron and I will be staying in Mylopotamos. We were allowed to visit this place with a maximum of five, we decided to go with four.
Day 2: Mylopotamos, Filotheou (maybe Karakalou), Antiathonas, Dionysiou and staying at Dionysiou.
Day 3: Starting at Dionysiou, Grigoriou, Simonospetras, Dafni, bus to Karyes and then staying in Pantocratoros.
(Pantocratoros: 3/5/2007)

Day 4: boat to Ierissos, or back to Dafni.

An even more ambitous (walking)plan than my brothers group, but we are in a better shape (??).
Wim Voogd, 22/9

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    athos.web-log.nl – da best. Keep it going!

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    A tiny glimpse of Pascha (Eastern) 2009 at I.M. Osíou Grigoríou you may see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD-a009ceac

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    Greatings, athos.web-log.nl – da best. Keep it going!
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