882 – Plan during our stay (Herman 's group)

This is the rough plan for my party (jz, bk and myself) when we reach Athos next week:
Day 1: Starting at Panteleimonos (picture), old Rossikon, Karyes, Iviron and staying in Mylopotamos
Day 2: Mylopotamos, Iviron, Stavronikita, Pantokrator (maybe Eliou and Bogoroditsa) and staying at Vatopedi
Day 3: Starting at Vatopedi, Esfigmenou, Chilandariou and staying in Zografou.
A rather ambitous (walking)plan and things can ofcourse change but we are in good shape.

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5 Responses to 882 – Plan during our stay (Herman 's group)

  1. John says:

    How can one stay at Mylopotamos? Is there a number to call? Also please take photos of the lake near old rossiko.

  2. Richard Storey Bristol, UK says:

    A very ambitious walking plan – I wish I was coming along!

    Just returned from Athos (Xenphontos, Panteleimonon, Koutloumousiou, Philotheou, Iviron, Stavronikita followed by two nights at Vatopaidi.


  3. Wim says:

    I made e-mail contact through these sites: http://www.mywines.gr/ or http://www.mylopotamos.com and made a reservation. NB: Your stay is NOT free!

  4. John says:

    Not free? How come? And how much is the charge? Hopefully that would include a special diner cooked by Father Epifanios and unlimited wine tasting.. Alternatively, I guess one can always stay at Iveron and visit Mylopotamos which is nearby.

  5. Wim says:

    € 50,00! Yes, it does include diner cooked this famous cookbook-writing father Epifanios and bed and breakfast. And I do hope for unlimited wine tasting: I have no doubt this won’t be the problem, so close to the vineyard! If I understand correctly think this is a package deal, so no meal from Father Epifanios if you sleep in Iviron ! Also see posts 523 and 531 (and more): http://athos.web-log.nl/athos_agios_oros_/2008/08/523—food-cook.html

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