873 – Mt. Athos in the new book by Dan Brown?

Brown wrote the Da Vinci Code and will now publish his new book. I found on the internet that:

Fans worldwide have been speculating on Facebook and Twitter while Brown has also been dropping hints through strategic “tweets” including a photograph of a Mount Athos monastery in Greece,

After some searching I found this picture (twitpic) by (the publisher of) Dan Brown of the monastery of Simonas Petras with the text 40 miles NE of Lemnos. We shall see of this monastery is a location in the new book.

Update: We searched the PDF of the book but found nothing about the holy mountain.

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4 Responses to 873 – Mt. Athos in the new book by Dan Brown?

  1. aleksandros says:

    Not only Greeks will celebrate Easter next
    Sunday, but almost all orthodox churches
    except Finnish orthodox church.
    Here in Latvia orthodox Easter will be celebrated next weekend as well.
    Thanks for the film!

  2. George says:

    Have a great trip to Athos guys, hope it all goes well, and look forward to seeing some photos and reading about your adventures on the blog.

  3. Vasílis says:

    This week the translation in Dutch of Browns book has been published. In a recent interview the author said he even showed up, while writing his book, in cities that don’t have any relation with the story of his book, to mislead the public about the theme. So the picture of I.M. Símonos Pétras must be, I think, a deliberate red herring.

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