871 – Dionysiou

As you probably noticed, right now we are busy planning our trip to the Holy Mountain, which will take place in almost two weeks. One of the intresting things about a trip to Athos is planning the route. How will you spend your 3 nights/4 days on Athos, which monasteries do you want to see and which old paths do you want to walk (and are still open)?

I am very greatfull that our readers are willing to help. Evripidis gave a good discription how to walk from Filotheou to Dionysiou and John – who just visited Athos- showed us how this path from Ag. Onoufrios that ends near Dionysiou:

Dionysiou 2009 (Photo by John, Thanks!)

I think I am not mistaken if I say that our readers have a lot of knowledge about the current state of the foottrails, the only thing is, how can we share this information? Would it be an idea to have an interactive map of Athos were people can add their latest information about roads and trails and keep it up to date?
One of the problems is that we do not have a map that is not protected by copyrights (the Zwerger map and the Road map), so how do we start ? I do not have a direct answer to this question…..

Postcard Dionysiou


Dionysiou 1986

Wim Voogd, 9/9

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  1. Vasilis says:

    I do absolutely not know anything about digital maps, but is Google maps a (possible start of a) solution together with http://gpsvisualizer.com/ ?

  2. Saurooon says:

    Hi there,
    Can i take a one small picture from your blog?

  3. Herman Voogd says:

    Sauroon, the pictures on our blog are from all over the Web. Some of them are taken by ourselves (wim + hv). Our policy is that we always try to mention the name of the photographer. In most cases we make a link to the site of the author/photographer. So be our guest but do not forget to mention the name of the photographer.

    Wim + Herman Voogd (hv) Webmasters

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