862 – the Photo studio of Panteleimon II

In 861 I told about the two Dutchmen who discoverred the ruined photo studio at Panteleimon: I will continue their story by quoting a part of their story.

Two elders and a novice having a cup of tea on a balcony

This is the story:
Finally, almost forgotten behind a mountain trail, the photo studio. The facade collapsed down. The first room is in the open air and empty. In a small parlor one sees a great mess. Pages from magazines, torn pictures, dust and vermin. One of the two backrooms must have been the actual studio. It is a large, light space, with in the middle a huge studio camera. The wooden box from the camera is the only thing left: the lens has disappeared. In the corner stands a picture frame with a passepartout and some photos: portraits of monks and of somebody who might have been the abbot of the monastery. Everywhere scattered pieces of a scenery. In the other corner lies a small round table”.

Another young novice, with long hair holding a bible and a rosary (and a round table)!

“The other backroom has been the laboratory of the photo-shooting monk. This room is mostly destroyed by fire. On the floor lies a scorched tube, used to enlarge pictures. Spread over the workbenches lie decimeters high broken glass-negatives, an irreparable damaged historical treasure. Most glass-plates are broken, others stick together in large stacks. Only on fragments you now and then see something: a scenery, a part of a face. One can see hundreds, maybe thousands of destroyed pictures of the Orthodox way of living in a monastery in the beginning of the 20th century.
Two monks with rosaries in their own habitat

In a corner of the dark room that was not devoured by fire stands a cabinet. Bottles with dried chemicals, stacks of bleached photos and on the bottom a few boxes with undamaged glass negatives: monks, pilgrims and military, the Campagne d’orient 1917-18.

Two soldiers of unknown origin, maybe French, because one of them is black, which might indicate he is from a French colony (the other white guy looks like Ben Turpin)

Another unknown soldier of the 1st World War, with his hand faithfull on his hart

A pilgrim with his stick and pipe

This ends this story: while writing I wondered if Rolf Bos maybe has more negatives than shown in this magazine ……

Wim Voogd, 30-8

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3 Responses to 862 – the Photo studio of Panteleimon II

  1. Sean Surlow says:

    Thanks for posting! I have a heavy like of photography and always have. There was a documentary awhile back on St. Andrew Skete I think where they showed the photographic darkroom and some of the pictures that were shot on glass negatives, etc of the monks, etc. It was an interesting part of the film.

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