861 – the Photo studio of Panteleimon I

In 1976 two Dutch pilgrims, Rolf Bos and Paul Robert, visited the Holy Mountain. They ended up in Panteleimon, the Russian monastery on Mount Athos, that once was inhabited by 3.000 monks. In 1986 only a couple old Russians remained and their monastery looked like a ghost town. When they walked through the ruins, they found a half burned building, which turned out to be the former photo studio of the monastery.

The photo studio of Panteleimon, 1986

In post 290, 287 and 291 I already showed you some of the pictures they found, but this time the quality of the pictures is better and I will you show you all pictures they recovered.

Two Turkish officers, drinking Greek koniak, that stands on a round table (with an old cloth!) – probably 1914 or older

Six French mariners from 1917, drinking real French cognac, that stands on the same round table, but with a different cloth

Detail of the text: Campagne d’ Orient 1917-18 and then I am not sure about the text: les pas Bileux de l’ Ougile Achoque ? Are there any French readers who recognize their grandfathers ?

Two soldiers (officers? ) with a tropical hat on the bench and in the backgound the buildings of Panteleimon

A soldier in Panteleimon

A pilgrim with stick, with a bible in his hand and a neckless (with a Saint ?)

Next time more pictures (and the story about how the pictures were discovered).

Wim Voogd, 30-8

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