857 – Fatal car accident on Mount Athos


A fatal accident happened earlier on Mount Athos, concerning a group of pilgrims.

The information said that the tragic incident happened when a group of pilgrims, boarded in the back of a van type ‘Unimog’, bound from the arsanas of the Holy Monastery of St. Paul to the monastery. For still unknown reasons, the car was overthrown and fell into a precipice, so a pilgrim aged 46 years was killed, although the truck was going at a speed of only 10km. Three pilgrims were also seriously injured and the Air Force helicopter landed in Daphne and took the three pilgrims to hospital of Thessaloniki. Moreover, the information indicates that 8 pilgrims are slightly injured and have been given first aid.

News from the keliotis site.

Agiou Pavlou – may 2007

Wim, 24-8

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1 Response to 857 – Fatal car accident on Mount Athos

  1. George says:

    Our thoughts and prayers with the family of the deceased and the other victims….

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