847 – Ouranopolis

The small and cosy town of Ouranopolis, with boats on the beach and the old building, where the famous Sidney Loch and his wife lived.


View from the tower to the North

The peer with tourist boats, the only way for women to see Agion Oros.

View to the South, with the vineyards of Tsantali/Chromitsa on the hilltop.

A fisherman preparing a meal: Octopodia.

Wim, 10/8

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1 Response to 847 – Ouranopolis

  1. Wim says:

    This house is not mentioned in the kellion-list. You can see on their website (http://www.saintnicolas.gr/home.en.html)that the Metoxi is related to IM Pavlou, just as Metoxi Chromitsa is related to Panteleimon. Obviously this not a kellion, but I do not know what the official status of such a Metoxi is.


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