844 – Thessaloniki: Rotunda

Before a visit to the Holy Mountain, most Athos-pilgrims spend some days in the second large city of modern Greece, Thessaloniki. The modern city has some interesting old monuments and churches. One of the most important monuments is the Rotunda, build as a mausoleum for the Roman emperor Galerius and it became a Christian church for the Saint Georgios in 400.



In 1591 it became a mosk.


With moslim gravestones scattered around,

but also with a Jewish gravestone dating from 1904 (5664).

Today the building is a museum.


If I remember correctly, the Rotunda was closed since the 1980-ies, so I was suprized that after many years, I was able to visit the interiour of the building in 2007,


although restauration was still in progress and a only few mozaiks could be found:



Wim, 2-8

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4 Responses to 844 – Thessaloniki: Rotunda

  1. Dimitris says:

    Do you know by any chance if it is possible to obtain the Robert Byron book anywhere? I can’t seem to find it because it is out of print for decades..

  2. ANTONIS says:

    Iam interested to visit agion OROS
    Holly MOUNTAIN in Thesalloniki
    What do I have to do
    What number shall I call for permit?
    Shall I just get there and get permit to enter
    Many greetings

  3. Wim says:

    Antonis, call 0030-2310-252578, the Pilgrims Bureau in Thessaloniki and make a reservation. For more info look here: http://abacus.bates.edu/~rallison/friends/PilgrimsGuide/guide_planning.html and our basic info category.
    Good luck! Wim

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