840 – holiday posters


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  1. Bas Kamps says:

    According to Herodotos there were several cities on Athos in the antique period. Read the History (chapter 7), written 450 -420 BC). I quote:
    `Athos is a great and famous mountain, inhabited by men, and stretching far out into the sea. Where the mountain ends towards the mainland it forms a peninsula; and in this place there is a neck of land about twelve furlongs across, the whole extent whereof, from the sea of the Acanthians to that over against Torone, is a level plain, broken only by a few low hills. Here, upon this isthmus where Athos ends, is Sand, a Greek city. Inside of Sand, and upon Athos itself, are a number of towns, which Xerxes was now employed in disjoining from the continent: these are Dium, Olophyxus, Acrothoum, Thyssus, and Cleonae. Among these cities Athos was divided.`

    Wouldnxb4t it be interesting to find the locations of the ancient towns on Athos?

  2. Wim says:

    Pleae have a look at blog nr 573 (http://athos.web-log.nl/athos_agios_oros_/2008/09/573—athos-on.html) to get an idea of where these cities might have been.


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